Our Topic Today: Empowering Morning Rituals

  • habits that empower our mind, soul and body to help us start our great day
  • a solid grounding for our mental strength, physical strength, spiritual strength
  • key components of our ultimate well-being in modern psychology

Ritual 1 : Smile, Stretch, Breathe & Water

  • Smile
    • to feel happy, ignited to start your day
    • condition our following actions and reactions to things that happen to us during the day
    • direct your attention to positive events
    • a positive impact on our mood
  • Breathe
    • deep breathing makes us feel the peace at heart
    • Mindful breathing – Observe how the air comes into our body parts and how it comes out slowly
    • gives you time to rest and relax
  • Drink water
    • start your day with strength and a clear mind
    • coffee or tea, or even soft drinks could make you feel more tired after the short period of energy boost

2nd Ritual: Move your body

  • Your body will affect your thoughts as well, so take care of your body
  • Just move around. Don’t sit around the couch, start some exercise, some light ones
  • stretch your body, jump over a rebounder, run for 5 min, stretch your arms

3rd Ritual: Incantations, affirmations, condition beliefs

  • say positive words or phrases to yourself every day in order to make you feel confident and blessed in life
  • read the empowering quotes out loud
    • know your limiting beliefs or specific doubts in life
    • find a positive one to replace it
    • write that down and say it out loud to yourself every day to condition a new set of adaptive beliefs in your life
  • Affirmation – one of the practices in both Dialectal-behavioral therapy and Self-instructional Training
    • write down affirmations about themselves, and to read them out loud when they feel depressed or have low confidence in themselves [DBT]
    • help people monitor their own behaviors and take care of their inner speech which directs their actions
    • write coping statements ahead to prepare people with different coping situations [SIT]


4th Ritual: Engage your emotions by asking yourself empowering questions

  • “What are you excited/proud/passionate/grateful about your life?”
  • “Who do you love and who love you?”
  • bring about positive emotions, excitement, sense of confidence, passion, gratitude, love, sense of connection with others
  • journal your answers
  • positive emotions, a key component of happiness

5th ritual – Driving force/vision/purpose

  • find meaning in what we’re doing in order to carry on
  • life calling
  • our vision and purpose fuel our motivation to move towards our goals
  • think of what aspects of life is important to you or that you want to improve, for example, your health, relationships, finances, Career, Spirituality, Mental State, etc.
  • construct your vision and purpose statements
  • Stefan’s video on writing down your vision: Watch here 

6th Ritual– Read 10 pages

  • get your brain started
  • brings new information to your mind
  • train your psychological flexibility in life

7th Ritual Plan/Schedule Day in Detail

  • Plan in ahead, set your DAILY GOALS, stick to that every day
  • write down 3 daily goals every day, journal the progress and what you have completed later that night

8th Ritual: Accountability call to a friend

  • Tell your friend, family or accountability partner what you are going to achieve
  • gives you pressure, eu-stress (positive stress) to stick to your plan

9th Ritual: Workout

  • stimulates the release of endorphins which makes us happier
  • gives you so much energy, fulfillment and life lessons
  • commitment, hard work and perseverance will pay off
  • strengthens your body
  • Without a healthy body, you won’t be able to enjoy anything in life


Take-away message

  • Empower yourself with healthy habits
  • A relaxing morning could make you feel at peace throughout the day
  • Healthy rituals could spread across your day, whenever you need them to reinvigorate yourself

What’s your morning rituals? Share with us below in the comments section.

Stefan’s morning ritual video:

Stefan’s Life Plan video:

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