Our Topic Today: The Law of Attraction and Positive Psychology

  • The connection of positive emotions
  • Using the concepts and techniques of positive psychology to maximize the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

  • the ONE and ONLY Secret on Earth (really?!)
  • helps you attract the things/people/situations you wish for
  • The Secret from Rhonda Byrne
    • Like Attracts Like
    • what you think about the most will manifest in your life!
    • you will know if you are having positive thoughts through your feelings

The 3-step Creative Process of your desired life

1. Ask

2. Believe

3. Receive!

  • Ask ONCE for things that you wish for
  • Believe that it will come your way at a perfect time
  • Feel that you have received those presents you wished for

One Important Note about the Law of Attraction

Don’t treat the Law of Attraction as a one-time event.

The Law of Attraction is a life attitude to practice.

A shift of perspective

“Do you want to nag about everything that doesn’t go your way or Do you want to work that out to success and make it happen?”

If you want to go on, then you have to find your own ways!

The Law of Attraction & Positive Psychology

  • LOA Concepts:
    • Gratitude >> to feel the gratitude in receiving your gift
    • Visualization
    • The abundance mindset
  • Positive Psychology Concepts:
    • Hope
    • Savoring
    • Gratitude
    • Goal-setting
    • Forgiveness
    • Strengths
    • Mindfulness


What is Gratitude and how to practice

  • the recognition or appreciation of an altruistic gift
  • the gift is from others
  • psychologically it amplifies the good in one’s life

The Recognitions of Gifts [the Gratitude Process]

  • proposed by leading gratitude psychologist Philip C. Watkins
  • Recognition — rethink the situations where you receive benefits from others
    • Recognizing the Gift
    • Recognizing the Goodness of Gift
    • Recognizing the Goodness of the Giver
    • Recognizing the Gratuitousness of the Gift

Recognizing the Gift

  • recognize that a benefit has occurred
  • recognize that it has been given from an outside source
  • often times we forgot our benefits received because the benefits are always there for us and are given to us consistently

Recognizing the Goodness of Gift

  • the more people value a benefit the more gratitude is experienced
  • the psychological value that one attributes to the event that is most crucial
  • think about the value it has for you and how much value have the other person put in the gift for you
    • what would happen/what could have happened if that person hasn’t given you the benefits
    • What convenience or pleasure has the gift brought to you in your life?
    • How the person has prepared you the presents or what does it take for them to give you the presents and provide you the benefits

Recognizing the Goodness of the Giver

  • focus on a good giver – the intention of the giver
  • Gratitude appears to be experienced only when the beneficiary perceives that the gift was given for their benefit
  • Reflect on a good giver (someone who helped you or supported you out of good and authentic intentions, because they truly want to help you, not because they want your benefits in return.) 

Recognizing the Gratuitousness of the Gift

  • When the benefits go beyond one’s social expectations of others are more likely to result in gratitude
  • when a benefit surprises you, you will more likely experience gratitude
  • Be aware of whether you expected certain outcomes or favors by others, if you are, then lower your social expectations
  • If you take someone/something for granted, then it’s a sign that you have high expectations for that
  • Rethink the situation
    • Is the giver meant to benefit you?
    • Is the gift meant to be presented to you?


Gratitude Challenge — Be Grateful or Ungrateful in a Movie

  • imagine that you are the main character
  • in the first half of the movie, be ungrateful
    • Remember these emotions, write them down, and describe how you feel at that point
  • the latter part of the movie, be a grateful person
    • Remember these emotions, write them down, and describe how you feel at that point
  • Compare those feelings and thoughts you have when you are grateful versus when you are ungrateful throughout the movie


Words of Wisdom by Jack Canfield

It’s the feeling that really creates the attraction, not just the picture or the thought.

Take-away messages

  • If you could feel it, you could have it!
  • rethinking the gifts we have received will bring us a grateful mindset, grateful emotions and experiences
  • If you want to practice the Law of Attraction well, you need to practice the secrets and techniques within, like faith, gratitude, positive emotions, visualization, mindfulness, and imagination
  • Capture the feelings yourself, not just reading out loud the affirmations


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