Our Topic Today: The Biggest Fear in Life – Uncertainty

  • for the most part in life, it’s uncertainty
  • trivial matters OR life-changing decisions

Life’s biggest illusion

  • you can’t control your own future
  • everything happened to you is destined
  • you can’t do much about life

Everything Happens for a Reason

  • the value would be unveiled to you at the end
  • things happen for you, not to you

Osho teachings

Don’t call it uncertainty, call it wonder. Don’t call it insecurity, call it freedom.

The Simulation Game Metaphor

  • There is a set blueprint for each role player
  • But there are also options for you to choose and decisions to be made by you


What to do with uncertainties?

  • Take action
  • Our freewill makes all the difference

How to transform insecurity into excitement

  • Rule #1: never assume, cuz seriously you don’t know
    • Stop the guessing game
    • Adaptive thinking
  • Rule #2: try every possible method and let it flow
    • Take actions, set goals and visions for yourself
    • Trust that life would unfold itself at the moment that is best for you
    • Review your actions and plan if necessary
    • Let it flow, calmness is key
  • Rule #3: engage in spiritual practices e.g. Tarot reading
    • Major use: personal transformation, hints in your life, life advice
    • Not always as predicting your future

3 rules for dealing with uncertainty

  • Don’t assume, cuz seriously you don’t know
  • Try every possible method and let it flow
  • Engage in spiritual practices to seek life advice

Take-away message

  • there are lots of uncertainties in life, but always make possible moves, trust your instincts and where the universe takes you to
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • someday you will know why it happened and what does all these uncertainties mean to you in your life
  • you could choose to moan over it or take actions to it! It’s all about your choice!

From Steven Pressfield:

It’s like the universe’s way of testing you. “Do you really want this? Well, I am going to put some failures in you. And let’s see how bad you really want this

The pain of not doing it is worse than the pain of doing it

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